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Whether your pet needs a summer shave, light trim, or just a good shampoo, we're here to help!

We offer grooming services for both dogs and cats!!

Deluxe Service Grooming Includes:

  • Full body hair cut
  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Nail grind
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Bow or Bandana

Basic or Mini Grooming packages are also available.

A Puppy Trim is a great way to get your pet used to normal grooming procedures such as regular baths and pedicures.

Add-On Services:

  • Shed-less Shampoo Treatment
  • Furminator shampoo and conditioner to help loosen the coat followed by a heavy brush out
  • Hand-scissor styling
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Services for those who don't need a haircut!

Every pet deserves a day at the spa!

Please call to inquire about our Spa Day options and a la carte grooming services.

Grooming Basics

Grooming does more than make your pet look good. Regular brushing, bathing, and—if necessary—trimming can help keep your pet’s skin and haircoat healthy. If you can teach your pet to enjoy these activities, grooming can be another way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. If you or your pet are new to grooming, start slowly. Choose a time when your pet is relaxed, and keep sessions short (5 to 10 minutes). Give your pet plenty of petting and praise (and perhaps a treat) for good behavior. As your pet becomes familiar with the process, make sure you touch all the parts of the body, especially the feet and ears. Make it fun for your pet and it will be relaxing to you.

Brushing Your Pet

Brushing your pet helps to remove dirt and loose, dead hair, and to prevent mats and tangles. How often you need to brush your pet depends on the length and thickness of his or her hair. Long-haired pets, like Yorkshire terriers and Persians, may need to be brushed daily. Short-haired pets, such as Boxers and Abyssinians, may need brushing only once a month. By brushing your pet on a regular basis, you will learn how often he or she needs to be brushed to keep their coat clean and tangle-free.

There are several types of brushes and combs, including:

  • Slicker brushes: These brushes have angled wire bristles. They can be used on all types of coats. They help remove mats and tangles and make the haircoat look shiny.
  • Undercoat rakes: These combs are useful for pets with double coats. They help thin out the undercoat, especially in the summer.

If you find a mat in your pet’s hair, do not pull on it. Pulling will be painful for your pet, and he or she will not want to be brushed again. Also, do not try to cut mats out—you may end up accidentally cutting yourself or your pet. Special brushes and combs are available to help split and remove mats; alternatively, consult your veterinarian or a reliable groomer. Sometimes mats must be professionally shaved.

Bathing Your Pet

We recommend your pet be bathed at least every 8 weeks. However, certain breeds of dogs and cats may need to be bathed more often. Mats and tangles are easier to remove by brushing before bathing. Do Not Bathe a Severely Matted Animal. Try to make bathing a pleasant experience for your pet: use warm water, a mild shampoo made for dogs or cats, and toys, treats, and calm praise as rewards for good behavior. Wear old clothes and keep plenty of large absorbent towels on hand. If necessary, use a rubber bath mat to keep your pet from slipping. Do not pour or spray water directly on your pet's head.

Caring for Your Pet’s Nails, Ears, and Teeth

Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing are also important aspects of grooming. Teaching your pet to accept having his or her feet and ears touched can help make these activities easier.

Ask your Grooming Professional for an individual customized grooming schedule for you and your pet.

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